Cavalry - 1874 Dyer Cartridge Pouch




Cavalry - 1874 Dyer Cartridge Pouch


The M1874 Dyer cartridge pouch is used with the 45/70 rifle or carbine during the Indian Wars. It is made of high quality black leather with a US in oval embossed on the flap. The flap closure has a brass plate and finial. There are two belt loops on the back. It is lined with lambs wool. The pouch is available in Black or Russet leather. Color selection will be available on the Shopping Cart page.

Chief of Ordnance, General Alexander Dyer, designed the cartridge box needed to carry the ammunition needed by the single action Colt revolvers issued during the late 1800's. The .45 cal cartridges could be easily carried and accessed with this new design.


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