Belt - Officer & NCO




Belt - NCO & Officer


This NCO Belt is made from high quality American leather. This belt is made to fit any 2-Piece Buckle or Spoon & Wreath Buckle and NO STITCHING is required to affix the Buckle. Brass hook makes this belt adjustable for many sizes. The NCO Belt is also appropriate for officers where a full sword belt is not applicable. The belt is available in Black or Russet leather.

The 2-Piece Buckle or Spoon & Wreath Buckle is NOT included but available for an additional charge. If the Buckle is purchased with the belt, we will install the buckle at no extra charge.

The belt comes in two different widths:

 - Select 1.75 inch for use with the US 2-Piece Buckle.
 - Select 1.58 inch for use with the CS 2-Piece Buckle or Spoon & Wreath Buckle.

2,200+ Made In Usa Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Proudly MADE in USA.

Out of stock on size 40 and 46 1.75" for US belt plate until early March 2024.

Belt - NCO & Officer $33.95

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