Button Polishing Board with Handle




Button Polishing Board with Handle


Metal was a very common material for buttons during the Civil War. These buttons were not tarnish-proof and contact with finger oils, air, and the elements guaranteed these buttons did not stay shiny for very long. Both military and civilian clothing sported these tarnishing metal buttons.

The Civil War was in many cases a "spit and polish" war for the troops and a button board was a must have. The board is slipped over the uniform button when polishing it to prevent the uniform from getting stained by the polishing paste. Button polishing passed the soldiers' boredom, especially during the winter months. While officers often had metal polishes and cleaners, the soldier used fire pit ash as a substitute.

This button polishing board has a handle, measures 8.5" x 1.75" and is stained with linseed oil. Currently made with Poplar wood.

The Button Board is referenced in Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia vol. V page 31 by Francis A. Lord.

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Button Polishing Board with Handle $4.95

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