CS Frock Coat - Arkansas Jean Wool




CS Frock Coat - Arkansas Jean Wool


The CS Arkansas Frock Coat is made of high quality Gray Jean Wool with French Blue Collar and Cuff. The coat is appropriate for both Enlisted and Officers.

This coat features HAND STITCHED Button Holes, Front, Hem, Sleeve Hem, and Collar. The 9-button Single Breasted front uses large Federal Eagle buttons. The 2 button cuffs feature smaller Federal Eagle Buttons. The 2-Button back features a slit skirt. The coat is fully lined. There is one interior pocket.

This Frock Coat is patterned after the coats made by the penitentiary in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is an interesting article about Frock Coats from the Little Rock Quartermaster.


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CS Frock Coat - Arkansas Jean Wool $149.95

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