Civilian Sack Coat




Civilian Sack Coat


This C&C Sutlery Civilian Sack Coat is a style typical of the common man, farmer or shopkeeper. This coat was brought from home by the soldier and worn instead of a standard issue sack coat. The civilian sack coat is a 5 piece construction, with a 6 button front and woven brown leather domed buttons, with a lay down collar, has one front outside pocket, and is lined in a cotton muslin lining.

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Despite what you may have read, they are not called “sack coats” because they are oversized, loose, or otherwise fit like a sack, nor is it because there is no “front dart.”  Sack, sac, sacque, etc. all refer to the way the back (not the front) of the jacket is cut; i.e. “sack cut.” This simply means the back is formed of two pieces only, cut relatively straight down, instead of being made up of four curved pieces with hidden pockets in the tails as on more formal and traditional coats, such as tail coats, morning coats, and frocks. Read more about the history of the sack coat.

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