CS Sack Coat - Old Dominion Rifles




CS Sack Coat - Old Dominion Rifles


This C&C Sutlery Old Dominion Rifles Sack Coat is is made of medium gray wool, has a straight sleeve, is lined in muslin lining, and has a 9 button front of Virginia State buttons. The front and buttoned epaulettes are trimmed in black piping. The collar and shoulder rolls are solid black. The Trefoil sleeve braid is black. Per the original constitution, December 6, 1860, of the Old Dominion Rifles the jacket was made of Cadet gray wool and the trim, piping and braid were green. These colors are available as options for this coat.

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The militia company known as the "Old Dominion Rifles" was organized in December 1860 and captained by Montgomery Dent Corse. This militia company became Company H of the 17th Virginia Infantry. This sack coat is shown in Even More Confederate Faces by William A. Turner, copyright 1983, page 161. A gray wool covered militia shako is the correct headware for this sack coat.

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