CS Shell Jacket - Officer, Lieutenant - SOLID Trim




CS Shell Jacket - Officer, Lieutenant - SOLID Trim


This is a CS officer shell jacket for a first or second lieutenant with solid branch of service trim on the collar and cuff.

This jacket comes with a double breasted 14 button front with CSA or CS staff buttons and has a 3-button functional cuff . The shell features branch of service color solid  trim on collar and cuff , lieutenant braid (one row) on each sleeve, and first or second lieutenant collar insignia. The jacket is lined with a cotton lining and has 2 inside pockets. The shell jacket is available in several wools. 

The jacket shown is the optional 16-button front Artillery second lieutenant shell with optional branch of service piping on the jacket front.

Several options are available for the shell jacket:
+  Piping on the front,
+ 16, 18, or 24 button front,
+ Homespun lining.

All Officer Shell Jackets are custom made specifically for you and subject to a restocking fee. Please allow 8-14+ weeks for delivery.

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CS Shell Jacket - Officer, Lieutenant - SOLID Trim $259.95

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