US Frock Coat - Berdan Sharpshooter




US Frock Coat - Berdan Sharpshooter


The US Berdan Sharpshooter Frock Coat is made of field service grade 16 oz. Dark Green Wool with Emerald Green Branch of Service Piping on the Collar and the inverted "V" on the Cuff. The Coat is Single Breasted with a 9 Button Front of Federal Eagle Buttons. The Functional Cuff is closed with 2 small Federal Eagle buttons. All Button Holes are HAND STITCHED. There is a 2 Button Pattern on the back of the split skirt and the folds of the skirt conceal additional pockets. The Frock Coat body is lined in Black Cotton and the sleeves are lined in Natural Cotton Muslin. The Frock Coat Skirt is unlined and the Hem is left raw (unhemmed) per the originals. There is an inside breast pocket.

Very Limited Stock. Call 208-398-7279 if you have questions. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


US Frock Coat - Berdan Sharpshooter $112.95

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