Arms - Pistol Holster - Dragoon - US Made




Arms - Pistol Holster - Dragoon - US Made


This American made Dragoon Revolver Pistol Holster is made of high quality American leather. It is designed to fit the Dragoon Revolver. The holster features full wrap around flap that is both stitched and riveted. The closed flap is secured with a brass finial. The belt loop is stitched and riveted. The holster has a closed bottom. Available in Black or Russet leather.

The holster is worn on the right side, with the gun butt forward: RIGHT Side, Butt Forward. Left handed models - LEFT Side, Butt Forward - are also available. Left side holsters were less common as they were not standard issue.

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Arms - Pistol Holster - Dragoon - US Made $59.95

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