Housewife Sewing Kit




Housewife Sewing Kit


The Civil War soldier's sewing kit is called a 'housewife'. The housewife is made of cloth, is rectangular in shape and can be folded and tied with cloth tie. The “housewife” contains pins, thread, buttons, and patches for mending clothing. (Sewing Needles not included.)

Soldiers were often sent off to service by their mothers, sisters, or sweethearts equipped with such an item, as it was general practice for enlisted men to attend to their own uniforms.

Material color and patterns will vary. Photo is for example only.

2,200+ Made In Usa Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...This Housewife is Hand Crafted and Made in the USA in the Great State of Idaho. 

Housewife Sewing Kit $8.50 Quantity

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