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Checkers Game with Field Storage bag

While the oldest known Checkers artifact unearthed in Iraq dates back to 3000 BC, the earliest known version of the game comes from a game called Alquerque, which was played in ancient Egypt in 1400 BC. After years of being played the Egyptian way, in 1100 AD, a Frenchman adapted it to be played on a Chessboard with 12 pieces per player.

Then, in 1756 an English mathematician created official rules for the game, and in 1840 was the start of the very first World Championships. Arthur Samuel then created a computerized Checkers program in 1952, which helped turn Checkers into the global phenomenon it is today. 

Will include 24 game pieces and 1 storage bag.  Field storage bag is large enough for you to store all your games in one place.

Please note, colors and style may vary.

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