Haversack - Canvas Indian War - Type II




Haversack - Canvas Indian War - Type II


This 1874 canvas haversack/clothing bag was standard US issue, and was stamped with "U.S." on the front. The haversack is made of khaki canvas material with a crisp “U.S.” stamped on the outer flap. Sewn to the underside of the flap are two 6-inch long leather latch tabs each which fasten to a pair of brass buckles located on the bottom of the body of the haversack. The rim of the main bag is lined with leather along the front edge and across the back. The haversack features an internal pocket that is held closed by a leather strap for a standard issue *meat can, and a washable, button-in liner. An interior stamp of "WATERVLIET ARSENAL W.P.G." completes this haversack replica, perfect for your Indian War reenactment.

*Meat Can sold separately.



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