Insignia - Brass Hat, 1834 Artillery Cross canons Shako Ornament




Insignia -1834 Artillery Shako Hat Ornament

IMG_5988 (2)canon1834
1834 cross Artillery Canons Hat Ornament. was adopted by the US Army in 1834 and was used throughout the Mexican War and later, until a slightly modified design was adopted in 1851. However, many of the old professional Regular-Army artillerymen, veterans who'd previously served in Mexico, and a number of pre-war militia artillery units that served in the early days of the Civil War still wore this old style. Size 3 1/2" Wide x 2" High. Click on the picture for a larger image. 2,200+ Made In USA Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Proudly Made in USA.
Insignia -1834 Artillery Shako Hat Ornament $6.95 Quantity

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