Personal - Quill Writing Pen




Personal - Quill Writing Pen


The Quill Pen is for writing with ink from ink bottles. The quill is about 16 inches long.

Proudly Made in USA.

Here is how you fashion the nib of your quill pen.

This excellent article by Bob Sullivan for Writing with the Quill Pen will get you started. Below are some excerpts:

"The Writing Pressure

LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!!! Hold the quill as if writing and make small circles with it on the back of your other hand (Try this without ink. :) ) When you can make slight indentations on your hand without leaving a slight scratch mark, you are using the proper pressure to write. The pressure most of us use to write with today is way, way, too hard to use with a quill.

The Ink

Use a good calligraphy ink. DO NOT USE INDIA INK WHEN USING A QUILL! India ink has too strong an adhesive quality, and will not flow freely from a quill...Actually, I recommend that you do not use powdered ink when starting out. Go to an art store and ask for calligraphy ink."

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