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Shoes - Heel Plates, Pair


Heel Plates helped prevent the infantry man's heel leather from wearing out due to the amount of marching.

These heel plates are patterned from the originals found at the Corinth Mississippi Battlefield. The heel plates are made of high quality steel, with counter sunk holes and are sold in pairs. 6 flat head, slotted, screws are included and are correct for the period.

C&C Sutlery does not install Heel Plates. Installation is simple. Position the heel plate over the heel, mark the 3 holes using a pencil, drill a hole narrower and shorter than the screw. Install screws using a screwdriver.

We do not install heel plates on boots and shoes. Heel plates are not recommended for those who wear their boots and shoes mainly inside. If you have heel plates and plan to attend an indoor event, cover your heel plates with duct tape to prevent both slipping and marring the floors.

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