Cavalry - Spencer Quick Loader Box




Cavalry - Spencer Quick Loader Box


The Civil War Blakeslee Spencer Quick Loader Cartridge Box is designed for the Spencer Carbine. Because of the rapid speed that a Spencer carbine could be fired, a special box needed to be designed to hold cartridges for loading. Erasmus Blakeslee patented this box late in 1864. U.S. Government contracts for over 30,000 boxes were delivered to the War Department but few were used in the Civil War due to time delays of production and distribution.

This box contains 6 tin tubes encased in a bored wood block. The wood block is wrapped in smooth black bridle leather with a hinged leather lid to protect the open tops of the tin tubes from the elements. The box is worn over the shoulder on the left side. The leather shoulder strap attached to the box holds the device close to the trooper's left side. This arrangement allows the soldier to reach across with his right hand, flip open the 'Quickloader' box lid, draw out a single magazine tube filled with seven cartridges and insert the bullets into the stock of the Spencer weapon. The box has an implement pouch just like the originals, include the shoulder sling, and has a belt loop on the back.

Available for EITHER .44-40 ammunition OR .56-50 ammunition.  The .44-40 will fit .45 Long Colt ammunition. 

The box is available in black leather only and measures approximately 13 inches longs and 2 inches by 3 inches wide.


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