Tent - Fly 12'x12'




Tent Fly 12'x12'


The Tent Fly can be set up AT THE FRONT of the tent so as to double as shelter space. The Tent Fly can be set up DIRECTLY OVER the tent to protect it from UV rays and adding another moisture barrier layer. The Tent Fly helps keep the tent roof clean and helps keep tree pitch and tar off the tent roof. The Tent Fly overhangs the tent side walls and takes water and snow away from your tent side walls.

The 12' x 12' Tent Fly fits over all of our A Frame Tents, our Sergeant 36" Wall Tent, our Sergeant 24" Wall Tent, and our Officer Wall Tent.

Our Tent Fly is made of 10.38 oz. Sunforger treated Marine Boatshrunk Canvas. It features double stitched seams with reinforcements at the corners and grommets. There are brass grommets along each side and in the middle of each end.

11" Steel Tent Stakes are recommended for this fly. This fly uses 10 Tent Stakes. Poles are NOT included.

Tent Slips for every rope on the fly are recommended to keep the canvas taut. This fly uses 10 Tent Slips.

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Tent - Stake, 11" Steel