Tent - Ground Cloth 9'x8'




Tent - Ground Cloth 9'x8'


The Ground Cloth provides a floor for your tent and helps keep everything clean and dry. Placing a ground cloth over the tent Sod Cloth will seal the bottom edges of your tent from wind, debris and moisture. The 9 foot x 8 foot Ground Cloth fits our 9 foot Deep x 6 foot High A Frame Tent, our 9 foot Deep x 7 foot High A Frame Tent, and our Sergeant 36" Wall Tent and our Sergeant 24" Wall Tent.

Our tent Ground Cloth is made of is made of 10.38 oz. Sunforger treated Marine Boatshrunk Canvas and features double stitched seams.

2,200+ Made In Usa Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Proudly MADE IN USA.

Tent - Ground Cloth 9'x8' $110.00 Quantity

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