Wall Tent: Hospital




Wall Tent: Hospital


The massive Hospital Wall Tent is 14'6" long, 14' wide, and 11' high with 54 inch sidewalls.

The Wall Tent is made of 10.38 oz. Sunforger treated Marine Boatshrunk Canvas. The Wall Tent features double stitched seams with reinforcements at the corners and grommets. The tent walls feature a cord reinforcement for stability. The ridge is vented and there are brass grommets at each end of the peak and brass grommets along each side at the top of the wall. This tent has sewn in loops for ground stakes.

The Wall Tent comes standard with a Single Door, but a Double Door is an option. A Sod Cloth is also available for this size tent. Poles are NOT included.

For a tent this size, an 18" Steel Tent Stake should be used with the ropes at each of the 4 corners. This tent uses (4) 18" Steel Tent Stakes. The Single Door Wall Tent uses (12) 11" Tent Stakes: 4 on each side for the sidewalls and 4 at the back wall. The Double Door Wall Tent uses (8) 11" Tent Stakes: 4 on each side for the sidewalls.

Tent Slips for every rope on the tent are needed to keep the canvas taut. This tent uses 12 Tent Slips.

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Wall Tent: Hospital $945.95

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