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Chaplain Frock Coat


This Chaplain Frock Coat is appropriate for the Confederate, Union, and Civilian Chaplain.

The C&C Sutlery M-1861 Chaplain Frock Coat is made from a finer grade, officer quality 15-16 oz. Black Broadcloth Wool. The Coat is Single Breasted with a 9 Button Front of Black Buttons. The Functional Cuff is closed with 3 smaller black buttons. There is a 6 Button Pattern on the back of the split skirt and the folds of the skirt conceal additional pockets. The Chaplain Frock Coat is fully lined in Black Cotton and there is an inside breast pocket. Federal Eagle Buttons instead of Black Buttons are available as an option.

2,200+ Made In Usa Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Proudly MADE IN USA in the Great State of Idaho.

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General Orders 108
December 16, 1861
131. The uniform for Chaplains of the Army will be plain black frock coat with standing collar, and one row of nine black buttons; plain black pantaloons; black felt hat, or army forage cap, without ornament. On occasions of ceremony, a plain chapeau de bras may be worn.
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