Greatcoat - M1851 US Mounted Services




Greatcoat - M1851 US Mounted Services


The C&C Sutlery M1851 US Mounted Services Greatcoat is worn by Cavalry and Mounted Artillery. The Coat is a Double Breasted 12 Button Front Coat with a 12 Button Cape that extends to the cuff. The coat uses Federal Eagle Buttons. The Coat features a Stand and Fall Collar and Fold Down Cuffs.

The coat is made of 21 oz. Wool with a heavy cotton body lining that extends just below the waist. The coat skirt has a split back seam and the belted back features 2 large buttons. The hem is left raw (unhemmed) as per originals. The coat is available in Sky Blue or Navy Blue wool.

For a roomier fit over sack coats and shell jackets, order 1-2 sizes larger than your normal size.

2,200+ Made In Usa Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Proudly MADE IN USA in the Great State of Idaho.

Any Greatcoat in sizes smaller than 38 or larger than 48 and/or any Greatcoat made in Tall or Short and/or any Greatcoat made in wool other than Sky Blue or Medium Grey is custom made specifically for you and is subject to a MINIMUM 20% restocking fee. Please allow AT MINIMUM 8-14+ weeks for delivery. Click to read our RETURN and EXCHANGE Policy.

Greatcoat - M1851 US Mounted Services $294.95

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