US Sack Coat - JT Martin




US Sack Coat - JT Martin


For the reenactor seeking greater authenticity.

J. T. Martin was the largest contractor for the Federal government with plants in New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and St. Louis. 85% of the J.T. Martin coat was machine stitched within the factory and the rest of the coat was hand stitched.

This J.T. Martin 4 button sack coat is made similar to those made during the Civil War. This coat features a Federal (navy) blue wool. The body of the sack coat is lined with 9-11 oz. tan wool and the sleeves are lined with muslin. It has a roll collar, an inside pocket, and a 4 button front of medium 3/4" Federal Eagle buttons.

This coat is an authentic reproduction but without the hand stitching where the lining meets the collar, where the bottom of the sleeve lining meets the wool, and the buttonholes. Hand stitching over the machine stitching of these areas is available as an option. Otherwise, the customer may hand stitch these areas. Call us for detailed instructions.

Please allow AT MINIMUM 8-14+ weeks for delivery.

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US Sack Coat - JT Martin $169.95

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