US Shell Jacket - St Louis Depot Mounted Services




US Shell Jacket - St Louis Depot Mounted Services


This is a St. Louis Depot Mounted Services Jacket produced by the St. Louis Depot, a major supplier of jackets for Trans-Mississippi Federal cavalry and artillerymen during the war.

The jacket has the standard 6-piece body and 2-piece sleeve of the mounted shell jacket, but has some distinctive differences as well. This shell jacket is made from 20 oz Federal (Navy) blue wool, is lined with muslin, and has with an inside pocket. The jacket features an 11 button front (instead of 12) of US Eagle, 3/4" buttons. The jacket has 2 button functional cuffs and 2 buttons on each side of the standing collar and saber belt bolsters (pillows) on the back. The collar trim has SINGLE rows of tape. The collar, sleeve, front edge, bottom, back seams, and bolsters of the jacket are trimmed 3/8" tape denoting branch of service: red for artillery and yellow for cavalry.

The bolsters were set at the bottom of the rear/side seams and were designed to 'bolster' the weight of a saber belt which carried the pistol and saber of a mounted soldier. The mounted services jackets are typically longer than most other Civil War shell jackets as the belt needed ride above the bolsters.

Please allow AT MINIMUM 8-14+ weeks for delivery.

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US Shell Jacket - St Louis Depot Mounted Services $189.95

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