Trousers - US Foot Sky Blue




Trousers - US Foot Sky Blue


The US Foot Trouser is made of quality 16 oz. Sky Blue Wool with cotton facings and pockets. The button fly is lined with cotton to make it more flexible for buttoning. The adjustable "V" back on the waistband has eyelet holes for a tie to allow for waist adjustment. The trousers have a watch pocket and side seam pockets. Fly buttons and suspender buttons are pewter. Inseam measurement is not needed as the trousers are unhemmed and can be either rolled up, cut off, or hemmed by the customer.

These trousers are worn higher than today's jeans. However, we are well fed and many of us have larger stomachs and our jeans are worn below the stomach. Order ONE size larger than your normal jean size. If you want an exceptionally loose fit, order TWO sizes larger than your normal jean size.

By regulation, Union enlisted color is sky blue.

Most sizes are in stock. Call 208-398-7279 if you have questions. Please Allow 3 weeks for sizes over 48 and under 30.


Trousers - US Foot Sky Blue $55.95

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