Waist Sash - Officer




Waist Sash - Officer


The officer waist sash is woven of top quality silk. The tubular woven sash is approximately 9' long and 5" wide and features a tassel at each end. 

The sash is wrapped around the waist twice and tied behind the left hip with the pendant tassels not to extend more than 18" below the tie. The sash should be worn over the coat on all occasions of duty of every description, except stable and fatigue. 

The sash should be worn by "Officers of the Day" across the body, scarf fashion, from the right shoulder to the left side, instead of around the waist, tying behind the left hip as prescribed above.

  • US General Officers - Buff (Cream Color) Silk
  • US Engineer, Ordnance, Infantry, JAG, AG, IG, & QM Officers - Crimson Silk 
  • US Artillery Officers - Red Silk
  • US Medical Officers - Emerald Silk
  • CS Staff, Infantry, Engineer & Artillery Officers - Red Silk
  • CS Cavalry Officers - Yellow Silk
  • CS Medical Officers - Emerald Silk
  • CS Militia Officers & Chaplains - Black Silk


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