CS Frock Coat - Antebellum Washington Artillery




CS Frock Coat - Antebellum Washington Artillery


This C&C Sutlery Frock Coat is made for the early war Washington Artillery Of New Orleans reenactor. The Washington Artillery CS Coat is navy blue wool with artillery red Solid Trim on the collar and cuff. This coat comes standard with muslin lining, one inside pocket, one skirt pocket, and is available in a 9-button front with Louisiana buttons.

Because of their Blue color, and confusion caused in battle, these uniforms were quickly changed to Richmond Gray after the First Battle of Bull Run. They were retired to be used for special events. 

These coats are available for Special Order only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Need trousers to complete this uniform? We have CS Foot Trousers with Side Seam Pockets, available in: 

Sky BlueSky Blue with Artillery Rank Stripe

or in Sky Blue with Artillery Red Cording.

Enlisted M1855 Belts available in white leather*, too!                                                                                                                        *Available in size 48-inch only.

                                                                                                                                                                              Photo credit Confederate Memorial Hall Museum in New Orleans.

CS Frock Coat - Antebellum Washington Artillery $129.95

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