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Budget-line Clothing Information

C&C Sutlery strives to meet the needs of both the Entry Level reenactor as well as the reenactor desiring the most authentic representation.

To meet the needs of the entry level reenactor as well as outfit the continuously growing younger reenactor, we have introduced a line of budget-friendly, economical, imported uniforms. These budget-friendly products DO NOT replace our Made in USA, high quality products but enable the new reenactor and budget-conscious to get started in reenacting without a huge monetary investment. Then, over time, upgrades to C&C Sutlery's high quality, Made in USA products can be made.


  • The wool is approximately a 15 oz. weight.
  • The jean wool is a good quality and has a nubby texture like that which may have been used in the Civil War.
  • Buttonholes are lightly stitched around the edges and would benefit from overhand restitching.
  • The buttons are loosely sewn on and will most likely need re-enforcement or reattachment at some point in time.
  • Shell Jackets are NOT available in Tall or Short. But remember, during the Civil War the uniforms did not always fit soldier perfectly.
  • Sack Coats and Frock Coats are NOT available in Tall or Short but fit adequately on most sizes.
  • Sleeve length is adequate for both regular and longer arms.
  • The wool and cotton garments will shrink once it gets wet or is washed. Order 1-2 sizes larger than you normal size

Be sure to have your measurements available when ordering. CLICK HERE for Clothing Measurement Information.
We want to ship you the right size the FIRST time.