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Budget-line Clothing Information

C&C Sutlery strives to meet the needs of the Entry Level reenactor, the Still-growing Young reenactor, the Occasional reenactor as well as the reenactor desiring the most authentic representation.

C&C Sutlery has a line of budget-friendly, economical, imported clothing made using quality wools and jean wools. These budget-friendly products enable the new reenactor to get started in reenacting without a huge monetary investment. These quality products enable the budget-conscious to expand their reenacting wardrobe.

The C&C Sutlery Value Line Clothing features HANDSTITCHED Button Holes as well as other HANDSTITCHING details where appropriate. The C&C Sutlery Value Line CS Jean Wool Garments feature extensive HANDSTITCHING details.

In most cases body length is adequate for both regular and longer torsos. Sleeve length is adequate for both regular and longer arms.

NOTE: The wool and cotton garments will shrink once it gets wet or is washed. Order 1-2 sizes larger than you normal size.

Be sure to have your measurements available when ordering. CLICK HERE for Clothing Measurement Information.
We want to ship you the right size the FIRST time.