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Civil War Ammunition Boxes

What better way to camouflage your present day items during an event than to store them in ammunition boxes.

Ammunition boxes were obviously very common in a Civil War encampment.  These artillery and cartridge ammunition boxes are designed and made by C&C Sutlery.

Our ammunition boxes are built, painted, and stenciled as close as possible to the specifications in The Ordnance Manual for the Use of Officers of the United States Army (1862) .


However, based upon various research it appears that the wood thickness, stenciling, location of handles, number and type of nails used, and other markings were determined by the arsenal. And often the boxes were unpainted as well.

Our boxes are made of pine and crafted with period cut box nails and non-plated slot head wood screws. Our goal is to provide boxes that are both historically accurate and as well as affordable.
Currently, we have stencils for the following: Allegheny, Camp Floyd (Not an arsenal), Indiana (Not an arsenal), Richmond, Selma, and Watervliet. Others are available upon request.
Important Note: Unfortunately at this time all boxes are unavailable due to we have lose to our family.  We do hope to bring them back as soon as we can but it may take a while to find another master wood worker. 

Since each box is custom made to your specifications, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Additional Shipping charges may be applied due to box size and weight.
Proudly MADE IN USA in the great state of Idaho.