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Civil War Union Uniform Package

C&C Sutlery offers a complete basic uniform package for the Union soldier.

This is an economical way to get started in reenacting or to outfit the younger soldier who is still growing. And since gently used Civil War clothing is always in demand you can sell the uniform as you upgrade and specialize or the young soldier out grows it.

Our clothing is made of the highest quality wools and materials and is Proudly Made in USA and the Great State of Idaho.

Please allow 6-14+ weeks for delivery for most coats & hats.

Limited "In-stock" availability for unlined Sack Coats. Please call for sizes (208) 398-7279.

All Coats, Jackets, Trousers, and Shirts with the exception of STANDARD Colors, Styles, and Sizes as listed below are custom made specifically for you and are subject to a restocking fee. 

    • STANDARD SHELL JACKETS & SACK COATS: Sizes 38-48 Regular Length; Enlisted; Unlined; Untrimmed; 7-Button Front Shell Jacket in Navy Blue or Medium Gray Wool, 7-Button Front CS Sack Coat in Medium Gray wool, or 4-Button Front US Sack Coat in Navy Blue Wool. 
    • STANDARD TROUSERS: Foot or Mounted Size 34-42, Side Seam Pocket, No Rank Stripe or Cording Trim, Sky Blue, Navy Blue (Foot Trouser Only), or Medium Grey Wool. 
    • STANDARD SHIRTS: Sizes M-3XL 4-button shirts White, Unbleached, or Homespun.  

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When Ordering Your Uniform Special Choose a Coat, a Trousers Color, a Shirt, and a Hat using the drop down menus below the product descriptions.

COAT: US 4-Button Sack Coat or the US Basic Shell Jacket 



For fatigue duty, US soldiers were issued a blouse, commonly called a “Sack Coat”. This basic US 4 button sack coat is made of 20 oz. navy blue wool. It has a roll (fold-over) collar, is unlined, has an inside pocket, and has a 4 button front of medium 3/4" Federal Eagle buttons. A muslin lining is an available option.

This basic Shell Jacket is unlined and made from 20 oz navy blue wool, has a 7 button front of US Eagle, medium sized buttons. The jacket features straight sleeves with non-functional cuffs without buttons. The jacket has a standing collar. A muslin lining is an available option.



By regulation, Union enlisted color is Sky Blue, however, Navy Blue is also available.



The Union foot trousers is made of wool with cotton facings and pockets. The button fly is lined with cotton to make it more flexible for buttoning. The adjustable "V" back on the waistband has eyelet holes for a tie to allow for waist adjustment. There is a dart on the back of each side that makes the trousers taper into the waistband. The trousers have a watch pocket and side seam pockets. Fly buttons and suspender buttons are pewter.

These trousers are worn higher than today's jeans. However, we are well fed and many of us have larger stomachs and our jeans are worn below the stomach. Order ONE size larger than your normal jean size. If you want an exceptionally loose fit, order TWO sizes larger than your normal jean size.

Inseam measurement is not needed as the trousers are unhemmed and can be either rolled up, cut off, or hemmed by the customer.




  • Unbleached, Bleached White, or Homespun of Blues, Greens, or Reds. 

  • Choose Fold Over or Band Collar.



The regulation four button shirt is patterned after the original. This loose fitting of shirt has button cuffs and a gusseted underarm. The shirt-tail hem is curved. The four button shirt is popular for its comfort and style. Made of 100% cotton. PROUDLY MADE IN USA.

NOTE: The homespun colors above are EXAMPLES of blues, greens & reds patterns.




The US Kepi is made in a navy wool for both cap and band. This kepi is correct for ALL branches of service. The kepi has a heavy leather brim, functional chin strap with brass side buttons and center buckle, leather sweat band, and is lined. The US Kepi is navy blue wool. PROUDLY MADE IN USA in the GREAT STATE of IDAHO.

The US Bummer (forage cap) is taller than the kepi and the crown drapes forward. The cap has a heavy leather brim, functional chin strap with brass side buttons and center buckle, leather sweat band, and is lined. The US Bummer (forage cap) is navy blue wool. PROUDLY MADE IN USA in the GREAT STATE of IDAHO.

The Slouch Hat is a wide-brimmed hat. The crown and brim can be shaped to the desire of the soldier. The slouch hat is correct for both US officers and enlisted men. This slouch hat is made of top quality wool felt with a 3 1/2" wide brim. It has a sweatband. This hat is packable and water repellent. The hat is black.

The Rough Rider Slouch hat has a 3 1/2" wide brim. The Flat Top Slouch hat has a 3" brim. Both PROUDLY MADE IN USA.

Make sure you are ordering the RIGHT size

Be sure to have your measurements available when ordering.

CLICK HERE for Clothing Measurement Information. We want to ship you the RIGHT size the FIRST time.

Please let us know if you

    • buy your clothes in TALL (generally if you are are 6'2" or taller) or SHORT (generally if you are 5'7" or shorter),

    • have a large neck,

    • have an exceptionally broad chest and very narrow waist,

    • or any other clothing fitting specifics you think we should know about so that we can make your clothing to fit YOU!


Suspenders, Leather Waist Belt, and US Belt Plate complete your Uniform Special.


Durable adjustable canvas Suspenders with buckles and leather ends. IMPORTED.

M1855 US issue black enlisted leather waist Belt. IMPORTED.

The one piece US Oval Belt Plate is lead filled stamped sheet brass with the brass hooks on the back embedded in the lead. It has three prong hooks for attaching to the belt. It is an exact copy of originals with great attention to detail. PROUDLY MADE IN USA.

OPTIONAL: Brass Belt Keeper.  The brass keepers were commonly utilized on mid to late war waist belts for Federals. They began to appear by early 1863 to replace the leather loop keeper that had been the standard prior to the war. The keeper has prongs to fasten to the leather waist belt. If you purchase the leather waist belt at the same time we will install the keeper at no charge. PROUDLY MADE IN USA.


US Uniform Special - REGULAR (Jacket Size 36-46)

US Uniform Special - LARGE (Jacket Size 48-52)

US Uniform Special - XLARGE (Jacket Size 54-58)

US Uniform Special - XXLARGE (Jacket Size 60-62)