Civil War Leather Goods Special includes cartridge box, cap box, & haversack




Civil War Leather Accessories Package

The C&C Sutlery Leather Goods Package is a great way to complete your basic Union or Confederate uniform.


CartridgeBoxs_SM.jpg Leather Accessories Special

The CS or US Leather Accessories Special consists of the following:

  • Infantry Cartridge Box with tins
  • Cartridge Box Strap
  • Cap Box
  • Box Plate - US or CS 
  • Federal Eagle Breast Plate - US only
  • Haversack - Canvas or Tarred

The tarred haversack was predominately used by US troops. The canvas haversack was predominately used by CS Troops.

The leather products are available in either Russet or Black.

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CartridgeBoxs_SM.jpg Infantry Cartridge Box 

CartridgeBoxSling_SM.jpg Cartridge Box Strap


CapBox_SM.jpg  Cap Box

Box Plates & Breast Plate Box Plates & Breast Plate


Strap Install