C&C Sutlery Mission Statement




C&C Sutlery Mission Statement

We here at C&C Sutlery strive to provide our customers with the most authentic American Civil War or Plains Indian War representations at an affordable price.

With so much uncertainty in today's world, and the rising costs of basic goods, we understand how important it is to make your dollars stretch a little further each day. We work hard with our suppliers to keep our prices affordable while maintaining the level of quality that our customers deserve. Unlike our competitors, we do not hide our "shipping & handling" fees in our products. So, when you see that "shipping & handling" price calculated at the end of your order, please know that the total amount is covering the actual shipping cost, as well as everything that goes into shipping your order to you. The handling fees we charge help us to maintain our staffing needs and the tools required which allow us to better serve our customers. Take a look at some of our biggest competitors and you'll see. The bottom-line is savings passed down to you without sacrificing quality. We're confident that you will be so satisfied with our products, that you will return to us for years to come because of our prices, our quality, and our customer service.

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