Measuring for the correct fit of your Civil War Clothing




Civil War Clothing Ordering Instructions

We want to make and ship you clothing that will fit you the FIRST time. Returns cost everyone money and time.
Call us if you have any questions: 1-208-398-7279 Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM MOUNTAIN TIME.
Every clothing manufacturer's sizes are DIFFERENT. A Jos A Bank size 42 suit coat will not be the same size as a C&C Sutlery size 42. PLEASE take your measurements before ordering and include in your order comments that your measurements were sent.
Men's Height Chart: 
  •  5'7" or shorter: SHORT
  •  5'8" - 6'1": REGULAR
  •  6'2" and taller: TALL
Sizing Coats, Shirts, and Vests: 
  •  Let us know if you buy your modern day clothes in TALL or SHORT.
  •  For SHORT, we make the sleeve 1" shorter than REGULAR and the body 2" shorter than REGULAR.
  •  For TALL, we make the sleeve 1" longer than REGULAR and the body 2" longer than REGULAR.
  • Tell us if you have very long or short arms, a very large neck, exceptionally broad chest and narrow waist or ANY OTHER clothing fitting specifics you think we should know about.

Sizing Trousers:
  • Trousers are worn higher than today's jeans. However, we are well fed and many of us have larger stomachs and our jeans are worn below the stomach. Order ONE size larger than your normal jean size. If you want an exceptionally loose fit, order TWO sizes larger than your normal jean size.
  • Suspenders hold the trousers up, not the belt. Looseness is desirable.
  • We do NOT do the inseam on trousers.


Your Measurements:How to Measure Your Body for Clothing Sizes - SizeCharter How to Measure Your Body for Clothing Sizes - SizeCharter

  • Do not measure yourself.
  • Use a CLOTH measuring tape. 
  • Measure every point TWICE.  Accurate measurements are extremely important for a correct fit.

What are the following sizes for your MODERN DAY clothing:
Suit coat size:
Shirt neck:
Shirt sleeve:
Trouser Waist:
pounds Helps us ensure your clothing fits properly.
Ft. / In. Taken standing against a wall, without your shoes on. Measure to the nearest inch.
inches Take a deep breath and puff your chest out. Measure around the fullest part over the nipples. Keep the tape right under the armpits. Measure all the way around your front and back.
Largest stomach
inches Measure around the largest part of the stomach while relaxed. DON'T "SUCK IN" YOUR STOMACH!
ONLY IF you have a large neck. 
Measure around the neck at the Adam's Apple.
ONLY IF YOU have short or long arms. 
From top of arm at shoulder to the thumb knuckle closest to your wrist. The 1860-80's length is LONGER than modern suit coats.
inches Taken around the head, just above the ears.


I agree by submitting this form that the above measurements are correct.
I also understand that C&C Sutlery will charge a 20% restocking charge on returned garments that do not fit because of incorrect or omitted measurements. 
Call us if you have any questions: 1-208-398-7279 Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM MOUNTAIN TIME.


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