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holidayfoodstorage12019 Food Storage/Utensil set & Accessories Set
$35.95 $31.95 On SALE!

Save over regular prices!

Homespun Utensil bag, Mess Plate, Small cup, Knife/Fork/Spoon Set, Coffee Bag, and Rice Bag.

The Homespun Storage Bag is made of Homspun fabric and has one Utensil pocket on the inside. USA Made.


Civil War Era reproduction wood handle Knife, reproduction wood handle Fork and reproduction Spoon Set. Imported.

 The Rice Bag is handy for carrying dry goods rations or other loose items. The bag is about 6 inches x 6 inches and is closed with a draw string. The Coffee Bag is handy for carrying coffee, tea, dry goods rations or other loose items. The bag is about 6 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches and is closed with a draw string. Material color and patterns will vary. Photo is an example only. Proudly Made in USA.

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blanketnew2020 Blanket - Vintage Blankets - Select Colors
$46.95 $31.97 On SALE!

This vintage Camp Wool Blanket is 62 inches x 80 inches. Made from 55% wool, this soft wool blend blanket is not scratchy.

Wool is a natural fiber that breathes in hot weather and insulates in cold. The wool yarn from two directions are actually woven together producing a very durable, warm and long lasting wool blanket. Naturally flame retardant. Dry clean or hand wash in mild soap and hang to dry NOT in direct sunlight.

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Select from Five different colors:

Click here to read a good article on how to Make and Pack a Blanket Roll.


writingset1 Personal - Leather bound Journal Writing Set.
$34.95 $32.95 On SALE!
Leather bound journals look like they might have been just pulled out of saddle bag or backpack. For the free spirit, mountain man or historic reenactor in your life, it's a great gift they can use to chronicle rendezvous or battle reenactments. For the artist, it makes a great sketchbook. Journals include a wrap closure for extra security and 200 unlined pages of cotton rag paper inside. They measure a convenient 6 inches by 4-3/4 inches (15.2 cm by 12.1 cm)
Set Comes with 1= Leather book, 1= Inkwell and 2=Quill Feathers.
Here is how you fashion the nib of your quill pen.

This excellent article by Bob Sullivan for Writing with the Quill Pen will get you started. Below are some excerpts:

The Writing Pressure

LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!!! Hold the quill as if writing and make small circles with it on the back of your other hand (Try this without ink. :) ) When you can make slight indentations on your hand without leaving a slight scratch mark, you are using the proper pressure to write. The pressure most of us use to write with today is way, way, too hard to use with a quill.

The Ink

Use a good calligraphy ink. DO NOT USE INDIA INK WHEN USING A QUILL! India ink has too strong an adhesive quality, and will not flow freely from a quill...Actually, I recommend that you do not use powdered ink when starting out. Go to an art store and ask for calligraphy ink."


shaving mug (2) Utensil - Large Shaving Mug, Tin
$12.95 $10.95 On SALE!

Large, 28 oz. heavy duty tin Shaving mug. Soldered with lead-free solder. The handle is wire wrapped like the originals.

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savingbagholiday2019 Comb, Razor, Shaving Brush Set
$24.95 $21.95 On SALE!

Save Over regular prices.

Men's Grooming Set consists of a period style Straight Razor, Natural Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, authentic reproduction old-time Horn Comb.

The straight razor has a high quality stainless steel blade that will hold a good edge and won't rust. Imported.

The shaving brush is handmade. Total length is 4.25”. Imported.

Authentic reproduction of old-time horn comb. Made from real horn.

C&C Sutlery Homespun saving bag with two pockets for holding your shaving supplies.  Proudly Made in USA in the Great State of Idaho.

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ToyHandGunDerringer_SM.jpg Toy - Wood Hand Gun - Derringer
$4.95 $3.95 On SALE!

Derringer hand gun. Rubber band gun. 

Ammo not included. Handmade

Proudly Made in USA in the Great State of Idaho.


WoodToyDBHandGun_SM.jpg Toy - Wood Hand Gun - Double Barreled
$7.95 $6.95 On SALE!

Double shot rubber band gun. Double Barreled Wooden Hand Gun - 13“ long.

Ammo not included. Handmade.

Proudly Made in USA in the Great State of Idaho.


ToyKnife_SM.JPG Toy - Wood Knife
$3.95 $2.95 On SALE!

Wooden Knife, 11“ long.

Proudly Made in USA in the Great State of Idaho.


859Big_Poppy_RC_Hero2 Lantern - Big Poppy
$32.95 $26.95 On SALE!


Rechargeable Flashlight and Lantern with Power Bank

The BIG Poppy is a combination 300 lumen lantern, bright 120 lumen spot light and realistic flickering flame lantern. The BIG Poppy is rechargeable and also serves as a power bank to charge other USB powered devices. The Flame Emulator produces a realistic flame without the heat and danger of real fire, creating the perfect, safe indoor or outdoor ambiance.

• Lantern (300 lumens) - 3 hours / 14 meters
• Spot Light (120 lumens) - 15 hours / 150 meters
• Flickering Flame (10 lumens) - 8 hours / 4 meters

• Rechargeable
• Power bank for USB powered devices
• Charging indicator
• Dimmable (lantern and spot light)
• Rubberized body design; water and impact-resistant
• Adjustable handle
• Power Memory Recall

• Side-positioned, ON/OFF button

• USB to Micro USB charging cable included

• Powered by rechargeable battery (included) (Recharge time: 2 hours)


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Designed in USA.

Learn more


543TU6871 TRUEBLADE Flat_Front_300dpi21 Arms - Folding Knife- Trueblade
$24.99 $16.95 On SALE!

The TRUEBLADE is a lightweight, everyday carry pocket knife with a 2.75” partially serrated, black oxidized, 420 grade stainless steel blade.  The handle is crafted from a stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum plating to keep its design lightweight and minimal.  This knife features a pocket clip making it the perfect companion for any task. 

• Anodized aluminum handle
• Black oxidized 420 stainless steel blade
• Partially serrated blade
• Steel belt/pocket clip
• Blade lock

• Length: 4.25” (Closed) 7” (Open)
• Width: 1.25”
• Depth: 0.625”


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trueseven Arms - True Utility pocket knife.
$14.99 $12.95 On SALE!


True Utility ** SEVEN**

Adventure safely with reliability of the Seven multi-tool. Taking its name from the shape of the built-in carabiner attachment, the Seven is a high-quality tool crafted from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. Its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip when using any of the seven essential tools, such as the fine, non-locking blade, wire cutters or ever valued bottle opener. The built-in carabiner attaches to anything, with a quick release clip offering easy on/off access.

• Ergonomic handle
• Non-locking knife
• Non-locking saw
• Pliers
• Wire cutters
• Phillips screwdriver
• Bottle opener
• Quick release clip

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum

• Size: (L) 3.26” x (W) 1.14” x (D) 0.43”
• 0.2 lbs.

California Prop 65 WARNING